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BG Zeus S 12 Chartplotter/Fishfinder w/o Transducer

BG Zeus S 12 Chartplotter/Fishfinder w/o Transducer

  • $ 2,49900

Zeus® S 12 Chartplotter/Fishfinder without Transducer

The Zeus® S has been designed with the cruiser, racer, monohull, and multihull sailor in mind, providing a new intuitive user experience with user modes to easily get the best experience while sailing.

The bright, sunlight viewable, touch screen combined with the new C MAP® Reveal X cartography enables new features and each sailing feature has been reimagined to be more capable and more intuitive.

All are powered by the latest quad-core microprocessors that allow Instrument, Radar, Sonar and Charting features to all work seamlessly 


  • 12V power supply - 4 pins with yellow ignition
  • Latest industrial-spec Quad-core microprocessors
  • NMEA2000 compliant interface (Micro-C)
  • Ethernet, 100mbps, waterproof
  • Dual Wi-Fi (802.11g) for Over The Air software upgrades and B & G App support
  • Waterproof Micro SD card slot
  • IP67 Environmental rating
  • USB Port Zeus s 9 and 12 only
  • Sonar- CHIRP/Single Frequency, StructureScan, ActiveImaging, and Totalscan support
  • Internal GPS with sail-specific filtering and 10Hz position updates. GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS constellation support for highly-accurate positioning worldwide
  • 12" Ultra-bright IPS SolarMax HD display
  • Touch screen for quick and simlple operation. Includes touch-lock feature

Compatible with the latest CMAP® Discover TM X and Reveal TM X cartography providing up-to-date charting detail with a clean and modern look.

Powerful Chart Overlays For:

  • Radar
  • High-Resolution Bathymetric contours (HRB)
  • Shaded Relief*
  • Satellite Imagery*

Chart Features:

  • Chart Safety Alerts
  • Tides and Currents
  • Night Mode
  • Chart Inspector tool
  • Subscription-free Auto-routing       

*CMAP Reveal ™X only - Some features require additional system components (e.g. radar). Custom depth-shading

Sailing Features:

User Experience

  • Simple Home screen with easy-to-find features
  • Sailing modes - Cruise & Race, just the data you want
  • Multihull & Monohull characterization
  • Night mode optimized for low light conditions
  • Configurable to suit your requirements


  • Clear CMAP Reveal X charts
  • Safety Alerts
  • Laylines with wind history
  • Sailing Time to the Cursor position
  • Chart orientations: Wind up; Target up; Start Line up


  • Sailing dashboards
  • Dashboard editor
  • SailSteer™ gauge
  • Tide Gauge
  • Data Bar - prestart, upwind, reaching, downwind
  • Triton® Edge integration
  • Rotating mast support for wind and radar


  • Quick race entry
  • Race Overview
  • Race timer
  • GPS start timer
  • Start line tools

Cruise Mode inhibits race features for a clean display of the right tools at the right time

  • Chart Safety Alerts
  • Sailing Laylines
  • SailingTime & Distance to Cursor
  • Subscription - free auto routing
  • Tides & Currents
  • Chart Inspector

Race Mode enables additional features for racing = the right tools at the right time

  • Start lIne
  • Race Timer
  • Quick Route Entry
  • Race Overview

Sailing Modes

  • Easily switch between Cruise or Race sailing modes
  • Race mode enables additional features:
  • Quick race route entry
  • Port / Starboard waypoint rounding indicators
  • Race leg(s) overview 
  • Start line chart overlay with:
  • Set the start line
  • Apply GPS offset for bow position
  • Bias indicator
  • tide and wind indicators

Race Timer

  • Countdown timer
  • Start/Stop/Sync/Reset
  • Countdown to GPS start time

Safety Alerts

The Safety Alerts feature included with Zeus S can constantly monitor your course for dangerous chart objects no matter what your speed, zoom level, or view. Whether it’s a buoy, shallow water, rocks, or land Zeus S can warn you in advance.

  • CMAP® Discover  X and Reveal  X charts provide detailed chart data available at all times to Safety Alert
  • Alerts provide the sailor with awareness of potentially dangerous charted objects above and below the waterline
  • Automatically identify charted objects which are of concern, warning, or critical based on their relative time and distance
  • ‘Harbor’ and ‘Offshore’ modes allow Zeus S to automatically change the time and range sensitivity based on the use 
  • Ideal for use in unfamiliar waters or at night when visibility is reduced to identify dangerous objects.

Quick Race Entry

  • Quickly create a race route from the sorted list of waypoints
  • Easily add port and starboard rounding indicators
  • Intuitively add, remove or reorder a race route
  • Use the Race overview tool to brief your race crew with expected wind angles and estimated sailing time for each race leg to aid decision-making and sail selection

Start line

  • The powerful Zeus Start Line tool is now chart based to allow navigational awareness during the start procedure
  • Start line view, including laylines, favored end, tide set & rate, and True Wind Direction
  • The chart dynamically orientates and zooms to ensure the boat and start line are in view
  • Calculations are based on the yacht’s Bow Position via an offset distance for the GPS
  • Zeus S Internal GPS (or optional external options) provides precise position 10 times per second
  • Simple setup - set the port and starboard start line end positions via a button press (“ping”), waypoint, or cursor
  • Easily return to view the start line on the chart via an edge marker
  • Zeus S automatically captures your distance to the line when the race timer reaches zero
  • The following start line data is calculated and displayed: 
  • Distance behind the line (boat lengths or meters)
  • Distance to port & starboard ends
  • Start line Bias to True Wind Direction
  • Bias advantage

Race Timer

Race Timer provides a flexible and integrated tool for starting and monitoring race duration

  • Quickly adjust the race timer start value
  • Set the race timer to countdown to a GPS-based start time. e.g. 1900h
  • The race timer control is available from networked devices
  • Start, Stop, Sync [to nearest minute] and Reset functions
  • Automatically starts a stopwatch when the race timer reaches zero to track race duration

Chart Orientation

Easily rotate the chart to aid understanding and make better decisions for your route or race course.

Single touch rotates between:

  • North up
  • Heading up
  • Course up (Course over Ground)
  • Target up (Waypoint)
  • Wind up (True Wind Direction)
  • Start line up


B & G pioneered laylines in chart plotters with the original Zeus®. Zeus S laylines provide a powerful decision-aiding tool.

  • Overlay your target sailing angles, upwind or downwind, to your destination on the chart
  • Enable wind history to show a wind shift heat map, which intensifies the colors over time to show the history of true wind direction
  • Mini Inspect (short press) a layline to gain detailed target sailing angles, speed, SailingTime, and distances
  • Full Inspect provides detailed sailing information on current and opposite tacks
  • Apply tidal correction to layline calculations
  • Display laylines using actual data or input targets.

Time to Cursor

Have you ever wanted to know how long it will take to sail to a location on the chart or do you need to tell your race crew how long to go?

Simply place the cursor anywhere on the chart to show an estimated sailing time and distance information to the cursor position.

Ideal, when you’re navigating to a waypoint and you need to know the sailing time to a secondary position.

Tide Gauge

Need to know the state of the tide quickly? Zeus S provides at a glance tidal data

  • Graphically see a tidal histogram including current time indication in the instrument data bar
  • Choose between the automatic selection of the closest tidal station, or selecting a specific station
  • More detailed tidal data is available via the chart icons

Wind Plot

Dedicated wind charts for monitoring wind history and assessing trends

User configurable options include:

  • Show Trend lines
  • Show tack color (port/starboard)
  • Show Average
  • Min, Max, and current value
  • Time range 1,5,10,30 or 60 minutes

B & G Companion App

  • Download the latest B & G App
  • Plan & review your waypoints and routes using the latest C Map® Reveal X charts
  • Seamlessly synchronize waypoints and routes between products
  • Review your sailing data from Triton® Edge
  • Register new products and access support information
  • Complete product software updates

Triton Edge Integration

Adding a Triton® Edge Sailing processor to your system provides advanced wind, calibration, and data recording. Zeus S provides seamless integration with Triton Edge.

  • Display all B & G NMEA2000® performance sailing data
  • Seamlessly access the web interface on Triton ™Edge
  • Control and system setup
  • Perform advanced calibration
  • Control data recording
  • Connect via Ethernet or Wi-Fi

What's In The Box?

  • Zeus S display unit
  • Panel mounting kit
  • Sun Cover
  • Corner clips
  • Power Cable (2.0m)
  • Fuse holder and fuse
  • Installation guide and quick star documentation
  • Mounting U bracket


  • Cartography Brand: C-Map Reveal X
  • Screen Size: 12"
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Transducer Included: No
  • Box Dimensions: 7"H x 16"W x 17"L WT: 10 lbs
  • UPC: 9420064110117