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HawkEye FishPod 5X Bluetooth Fishfinder

HawkEye FishPod 5X Bluetooth Fishfinder

  • $ 8899
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FishPod® 5X Bluetooth Fishfinder

Take the guesswork out of fishing with our portable sonar fish finder.

Turn your Smartphone into a Fish Finder! This iOS and Android app-based SONAR device is a valuable addition to any tackle box. With over 20 years of marine electronics experience packed into a castable, pocket-sized bobber, you'll always know what lies beneath. 

Real Sonar, Reel Simple

Turn your smartphone into an easy-to-use fish-finding device in seconds. The FishPod only takes one touch to set up to match your skill level. 

Anytime, Anywhere

Cast from the shore, attach it to your paddlesports equipment, fling it from your boat, or slip it into your pocket and take it on the ice. From the pond to the ocean, the FishPod is ready wherever you are.

Fish At Your Fingertips

Our software comes pre-programmed with 4 modes of operation, each one custom-tuned to meet the needs of each fisherman’s skill level. The FishPod app is available.


  • 4-Preset Operating Modes - Engineered to help you evolve your fishing by auto-adjusting screen settings to target fish by size, depth, or schooling.
  • FishEcho™ - Tunes sonar in the water column to pinpoint the size and depth of fish while tuning out clutter, debris, and false echoes.
  • TraxNut™ Mounting System - Allows attachment to any 1/4 x 20 mounting bracket and expandability to any fishing platform.
  • BottomScan™ - Adjusts bottom contour and composition readings to decipher between vegetation and soft / hard seabed.
  • Vertical Flasher - Amplifies the most recently received sonar echoes making them easier to track. Great for ice fishing!

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